Project BrainHeart

Illustrated brain development research

Public policy

Countries vary greatly on how they treat their people, from unborn foetuses to incarcerated convicts. Public policy reflects current mentalities, which were shaped by nations’ histories. The outcomes of policies result in different health and wellbeing outcomes.

Project BrainHeart’s goal is to inspire better public policy in the US based on observed best practices around the world.

Before birth


  • Increase use of family planning, reduce unwanted, unplanned and teen pregnancies

Early Childhood


  • Encourage parental leave
  • Increase “child literacy”: “It is common in our mobile modern society to have fewer offspring, live further away from our families and move in an increasingly age-segregated world, and therefore many of us aren’t around children enough to learn about how they should behave at each stage of development.
  • Reduce child maltreatment via family support programs
    • crisis support for parents
    • parenting classes
    • enhance children’s socio-emotional skills
  • Increase availability of quality, affordable infant care


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