Project BrainHeart

Illustrated brain development research

About Project BrainHeart

“The brain is the organ with which we feel,
before it becomes the organ with which we think”

Project BrainHeart’s mission is to improve the emotional health of future generations by building stronger brains at the outset of life through empowering caregivers – via information campaigns, funding effective support programs, and advocating for public policy changes – to form more secure attachment relationships with infants.

Each human born requires multiple secure attachment bonds in infancy. The emotional needs for the healthy development of our brains are absolutely staggering. Research has shown that what is at stake is not only our emotional health, but also our cognitive potential and physical health. However, few communities around the world enable families to adequately provide the investment needed for the next generation’s healthy start in life.

“When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it?” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Project BrainHeart aims to improve the ratio of care provided per child born by

  • increasing awareness of infant needs and psychology
  • channelling funds that provide support to families, such as home visitation programs during infancy
  • advocating for public policy initiatives that will facilitate
    • contraception & family planning
    • paid parental leave and allowance
    • subsidized daycare
    • mental health programs
    • rehabilitation programs

Healthier psychologies mean healthier civilizations. We need to welcome wanted children with immense amounts of care, and provide healing to those who have suffered trauma.


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