Project BrainHeart

Illustrated brain development research


Humanity has been carrying trauma down generations, fueled by the forces that characterize agricultural societies, i.e.

  1. the neglect that arose from having more offspring than resources to invest
  2. the abuse that stemmed from the double need
    1. to ensure the young obey the old and contribute to the family
    2. to ensure females carry their spouse’s offspring and not another’s

These forces have played out differently around the world through the centuries, resulting in different levels and types of trauma, and different levels and types of violence, health outcomes, and mentalities.

In the XXieth century we began to scientifically study our emotional dysfunctions and understand that

  1. infant needs in attachment and nurture are absolutely enormous
  2. neglectful and abusive parenting is in our biology, history and modern life’s circumstances, hence extremely difficult to combat

We now fully understand why “it takes a village“: each human born requires multiple secure attachment bonds.  Few communities are able to provide this, and many fail both in developing countries and in developed ones.

We must improve the ratio of care provided per child born. Project BrainHeart aims to achieve this by

  • increasing awareness of infant need and child psychology
  • channelling funds that provide support in
    • contraception & family planning
    • prenatal and perinatal hands-on support
    • paid parental leave and allowance
    • subsidized daycare

Healthier psychologies mean healthier civilizations. We need to welcome wanted children with immense amounts of support and care, and provide much needed healing to the huddled and battered, and their families.