Project BrainHeart’s goal is to improve our brain functioning by achieving more secure relationships.

We do this by disseminating the most current research findings in accessible, memorable and interesting messages through

  1. Cartooned materials (books, training curriculums, articles, social media posts), and
  2. In person talks and trainings (at schools, conferences, organizations, private homes) 

The primary audience is parents, who carry the primary responsibility in raising the next generation, and who are often the most critical relationships for growing children.

“It’s about ensuring the mental health of the next generation.” – Alain de Botton, The Fateful Impact of Childhood

In addition to parents, we write with the following people in mind:

  • children themselves, who are empowered by understanding how things work, including their own bodies, emotions, behaviors, and those of their parents
  • public policy makers, who need to be up to speed with scientific evidence. It is critical for them to understand the impact of relational poverty on the developing brain, which affects society at large (education, employment, entrepreneurship, public health)